Production of an Education Film ‘Tail Before’ about Dementia End-of-life
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End-of-life care is getting growing public attention but it is relatively less addressed for people with dementia. People with dementia in late stage are identified as incapable to make intellectual decisions and may have their last days with improper pain management and life supporters such as feeding tubes that may be applied against their wills (Sachs, Shega, & Cox‐Hayley, 2004). Some caregivers are unprepared for the deterioration or death of care recipients (Sampson, Burns, & Richards, 2011). In addition, in Chinese cultural death is a sensitive topic that caregivers may feel reluctant to discuss with the care recipients or among family members (Wang & Chan, 2015).

Promoting the awareness of dying well helps people with dementia and their families better prepare for the trajectory of declining health, honor the dignity of the dying, and facilitate family caregivers to address loss, grief and bereavement (Schulz et al., 2003).

A film ‘Tail Before’ was produced aiming to initiate the concern about end-of-life care in dementia, and to encourage the family members of PWD to have positive preparation of the end-of-life care of the care recipient.

The film ‘Tail Before’ was broadcast to general public via public screening, social media, and media channel. The film was also made into DVD to be distributed to professional staff and other organizations along with a booklet facilitating them to use the film for end-of-life trainings or workshops.

1,000 audiences watched the film via public screening, it also yielded over 20,000 public views via social media and media channel, and audience gave positive feedback that the film helped them think more about the issue. Professional training workshop was conducted and it facilitated the practitioners to understand further regarding the needs of people with dementia and their caregivers. Over 500 DVDs & booklets were distributed. The film was recognized by awards in different film festivals such as Best Narrative Short and Best Director in L.A. Film Awards 2017.
著者Kenny CHUI, Mariam LEE, Bel WONG, Florence HO, Timothy KWOK
會議名稱The international conference 2018, titled Innovation and Impact: The Review and Vision of Community End-of-Life Care
會議地點Hong Kong

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