China as an Agricultural Nation: Between the Great Leap Forward and the Great Famine
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AbstractThis paper aims to understand the Great Leap Forward from a cultural perspective. I want to investigate the cultural imagination and ideological formation around socialist agricultural production and village life, and I focus on two related ideas. First, I want to revise the widely held conclusion that the Great Leap Forward – Great Famine calamity was a reflection of the Maoist regime privileging industry over agriculture. I would demonstrate that at that time much of the popular and propaganda imagination was in fact placed in rural life, and China was still primarily an agricultural society then. Secondly, I want to investigate the human-nature relation of the time to demonstrate two different understanding of nature under Maoism.
All Author(s) ListPang Laikwan
Name of ConferenceWorkshop on Environmental Humanities in Asia
Start Date of Conference10/04/2018
End Date of Conference12/04/2018
Place of ConferenceHong Kong
Country/Region of ConferenceHong Kong

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