Robust and Fast Decoding of High-Capacity Color QR Codes for Mobile Applications
Publication in refereed journal


摘要The use of color in QR codes brings extra data capacity, but also inflicts tremendous challenges on the decoding process due to chromatic distortion—cross-channel color interference and illumination variation. Particularly, we further discover a new type of chromatic distortion in high-density color QR codes—cross-module color interference—caused by the high density, which also makes the geometric distortion correction more challenging. To address these problems, we propose two approaches, LSVM-CMI and QDA-CMI, which jointly model these different types of chromatic distortion. Extended from SVM and QDA, respectively, both LSVM-CMI and QDA-CMI optimize over a particular objective function and learn a color classifier. Furthermore, a robust geometric transformation method and several pipeline refinements are proposed to boost the decoding performance for mobile applications. We put forth and implement a framework for high-capacity color QR codes equipped with our methods, called HiQ. To evaluate the performance of HiQ, we collect a challenging large-scale color QR code data set, CUHK-CQRC, which consists of 5390 high-density color QR code samples. The comparison with the baseline method on CUHK-CQRC shows that HiQ at least outperforms by 188% in decoding success rate and 60% in bit error rate. Our implementation of HiQ in iOS and Android also demonstrates the effectiveness of our framework in real-world applications.
著者Zhibo Yang, Huanle Xu, Jianyuan Deng, Chen Change Loy, Wing Cheong Lau
期刊名稱IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
頁次6093 - 6108

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