Teachers’ perceptions of the effect of selected leadership practices on pre-primary children’s learning in Hong Kong
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摘要This study attempts to identify the leadership practices in Hong Kong pre-primary schools, and to examine their impact on children's learning. A total of 287 key stakeholders, including principals, curriculum leaders and teachers, completed the questionnaires. The study adopted a structural equation model to examine the dimensions of leadership practices. The results of confirmatory factor analyses suggest that core leadership practices can be measured in accordance with the following four dimensions: setting directions for curriculum design and development; developing people in schools; building a collaborative and reflective culture; and improving teaching effectiveness. Multiple regression analysis reveals that the implementation of those leadership practices has a positive influence on children's whole-person development in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. This evidence confirms the findings of previous studies that children's development and learning are enhanced through teacher leadership practices in schools.
著者Alan Chi Keung Cheung, Chrysa Pui Chi Keung, Paula Yu Kwong Kwan, Louisa Yuet Sai Cheung
期刊名稱Early Child Development and Care
出版社Taylor & Francis (Routledge): SSH Titles
關鍵詞Teacher leadership, early childhood education, leadership practices, children' learning, Hong Kong

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