A mechanism for differential sorting of the planar cell polarity proteins Frizzled6 and Vangl2 at the trans-Golgi network
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AbstractIn planar cell polarity (PCP), the epithelial cells are polarized along the plane of the cell surface perpendicular to the classical apical–basal axis, a process mediated by several conserved signaling receptors. Two PCP-signaling proteins, VANGL planar cell polarity protein 2 (Vangl2) and Frizzled6 (Fzd6), are located asymmetrically on opposite boundaries of the cell. Examining sorting of these two proteins at the trans-Golgi network (TGN), we demonstrated previously that the GTP-binding protein ADP-ribosylation factor–related protein 1 (Arfrp1) and the clathrin-associated adaptor protein complex 1 (AP-1) are required for Vangl2 transport from the TGN. In contrast, TGN export of Frizzled6 does not depend on Arfrp1 or AP-1. Here, to further investigate the TGN sorting process in mammalian cells, we reconstituted release of Vangl2 and Frizzled6 from the TGN into vesicles in vitro. Immunoblotting of released vesicles indicated that Vangl2 and Frizzled6 exit the TGN in separate compartments. Knockdown analysis revealed that a clathrin adaptor, epsinR, regulates TGN export of Frizzled6 but not of Vangl2. Protein interaction analysis suggested that epsinR forms a stable complex with clathrin and that this complex interacts with a conserved polybasic motif in the Frizzled6 cytosolic domain to package Frizzled6 into transport vesicles. Moreover, we found that Frizzled6–epsinR binding dissociates epsinR from AP-1, which may separate these two cargo adaptors from each other to perform distinct cargo-sorting functions. Our results suggest that Vangl2 and Frizzled6 are packaged into separate vesicles that are regulated by different clathrin adaptors at the TGN, which may contribute to their asymmetric localizations.
All Author(s) ListMa T, Li B, Wang R, Lau PK, Huang Y, Jiang L, Schekman R, Guo Y
Journal nameJournal of Biological Chemistry
Volume Number293
Issue Number22
Pages8410 - 8427
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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