Re-assessment of biolistic transient expression: An efficient and robust method for protein localization studies in seedling-lethal mutant and juvenile plants
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摘要Knowledge on the subcellular localization of target proteins in a plant mutant background is important for revealing the function of the genes investigated. However, in Arabidopsis and rice, mutant lethality is one major barrier to such studies. Here we describe an optimized bombardment-mediated transient expression approach for studying subcellular protein localization in Arabidopsis seedling of lethal mutants. The whole experiment comprises four stages: cultivation and preparation of plants, coating gold particles with plasmid DNA, delivery of DNA into plants via bombardment, plant incubation and gene expression analysis which include localization and dynamics, co-localization comparison with reporter proteins and functional analysis. The entire process takes about 3–10 days from plant cultivation to protein detection. It has a high efficiency and the results are reproducible. Additionally, this protocol is applicable for the transient expression of chimeric fluorescent fusion proteins in juvenile rice seedlings and leaf sheaths, saving time dramatically in comparison of generating transgenic rice plant.
著者Wang H, Zhao Q, Fu J, Wang X, Jiang L
期刊名稱Plant Science
頁次2 - 7

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