Alternative to West or Extension of East? Exploration of African National News Agencies’ Perceptions of China: Comparative Study of Ghana News Agency and Ethiopian News Agency
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摘要The dominant Western media and the Third World media frame China's increasing presence in Africa in different tones, with the former being mostly negative. This studies focuses on the latter, which remains understudied. Specifically, this study compares news product generated by Ghanaian News Agency and Ethiopian News Agency. Guided by Most Different Systems Design principle, the study adopts Musa’s alternative and extension framework and content analysis approach. The results indicate that the two African national news agencies shared similar patterns of reporting on China in Africa, despite differences between Ghana’s and Ethiopia’s bilateral relations with China. The common features are 1) a high degree of self-reliance on agencies’ own journalists; 2) a majority of news expressing favorable or neutral tone; 3) actors in news mainly consisting of elites from African countries and China. Possible causes for these commonalities are also discussed, including African media’s forming alliances with Chinese Xinhua News Agency. The author also suggests the necessity of incorporating the competition between Xinhua and the Western “Big Four” into the framework for analyzing the Third World news agencies as a subaltern flow.
著者XIA Yuanjie
會議名稱The 68th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association

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