Pulse Transit Time Based Continuous Cuffless Blood Pressure Estimation: A New Extension and A Comprehensive Evaluation
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摘要Cuffless technique enables continuous blood pressure (BP) measurement in an unobtrusive manner, and thus has the potential to revolutionize the conventional cuff-based approaches. This study extends the pulse transit time (PTT) based cuffless BP measurement method by introducing a new indicator - the photoplethysmogram (PPG) intensity ratio (PIR). The performance of the models with PTT and PIR was comprehensively evaluated in comparison with six models that are based on sole PTT. The validation conducted on 33 subjects with and without hypertension, at rest and under various maneuvers with induced BP changes, and over an extended calibration interval, respectively. The results showed that, comparing to the PTT models, the proposed methods achieved better accuracy on each subject group at rest state and over 24 hours calibration interval. Although the BP estimation errors under dynamic maneuvers and over extended calibration interval were significantly increased for all methods, the proposed methods still outperformed the compared methods in the latter situation. These findings suggest that additional BP-related indicator other than PTT has added value for improving the accuracy of cuffless BP measurement. This study also offers insights into future research in cuffless BP measurement for tracking dynamic BP changes and over extended periods of time.
著者Ding, Yan, Zhang, Liu, Zhao, Tsang
期刊名稱Scientific Reports

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