Geopolitical and Ethical Imaginaries of Worlding in the New Planetary Network Blockbuster and Migrant Labor Melodrama
Invited conference paper presented and published in conference proceedings


摘要This paper will explore two temporalities of worlding as the linearity of economic progress and the rupture of intraregional community. Implicit in the new genres of the planetary network blockbuster and migrant labor melodrama are emerging geopolitical hierarchies and social arrangements under formation in the shift to a new world system centered in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. On the one hand, the planetary network blockbuster typically features a criminal, scientific, or extraterrestrial threat of global scale. As a big-budget production set in an array of world cities, it reveals new transnational relationships of capital investment and soft power. On the other, the migrant labor melodrama highlights the struggles of unsettled migrant workers without legal, political, and economic rights in a foreign land. It visualizes a space of experimentation for new lifestyles and collectivities among strangers forced to cohabit the same city who create momentary networks of affinity.
著者GONZAGA Fernando IV Piccio
會議名稱The Education University of Hong Kong Department of Literature and Cultural Studies Seminar Series
會議地點The Education University of Hong Kong

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