CUHK Research Poster Exhibition 2018
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摘要This study investigated Flea Party, a second-hand flea market located within a migrant enclave in Singapore. Through conceptualising the flea market as a space of affective investment, where affective investment is related to self-identification and its empowerment comes via its reciprocal nature, we can see how choosing to go to the flea market offers where attendees go in search of “feeling alive”, to activate parts of themselves that remain dormant on a regular workday. Findings show that the flea market experience can be ambivalent, and workers’ investments do not necessarily reap the expected rewards, for the site contains inherent tensions or opposing forces exerted through the environment and through other actors. In particular, this study focuses on two binary themes, other/self and femininity/masculinity, that shape the flea market as a dialectical space, where workers’ investment in the flea market produces ple asure and empowerment, while simultaneously also subjects them to displeasure and further marginalization. This, together with the fact that the workers’ presence at the flea market is temporary, that the “feeling of life” is always a search and never absolute.
著者Hattie Liew
出版作品名稱In Search of Feeling Alive: Affective Investment and Flea Market as Dialectical Space Among Filipina Migrant Workers
關鍵詞Migrant Workers, Singapore, flea market

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