Education with Love and Empathy: The Last Lecture of Kazuo Itoga
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摘要The article is the English translation of an audio-taped lecture presented in Japanese by Kazuo Itoga (1914-1968), Director of Ohmi Gakuen, an institution for disabled children in Shiga Prefecture. Itoga was one of the leaders in the movement to improve institutions for abandoned and disabled children in postwar Japan. The lecture was delivered by Itoga on 17 September 1968 in Otsu city as an induction lecture for new staff of Shiga Prefecture's Children's Welfare Organization. Itoga collapsed dramatically at the end of the lecture and passed away the following day. In the lecture Itoga presents practical advice and a review of the situation of institutionalized children at that time. He also explains his philosophy toward the education of disabled children based on the role of love felt by the educator toward children and he asserts his seminal idea that intellectually disabled children are not the passive recipients of care but are the source of love and light who contribute to the betterment of their educators and the world around them. Although Chinese and Korean versions of Itoga's lecture have been published, this article is the first English translation of famous lecture.
著者Hanako Negishi, Lynne Nakano
詳細描述Original Publication: 愛と共感の教育 : 最後の講義
ISSN: 13456350
出版社Kobe University Faculty of Human Development, Graduate School of Human Development and Environment
頁次44 - 55

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