Logistics of the Accident: E-Waste Management in Hong Kong
Chapter in an edited book (author)


摘要This chapter reviews logistical practices, software, and narratives that govern e-waste across formal and informal recycling circuits in Hong Kong. It rethinks the order/disorder binary that typically frames waste. E-waste appears to be an ambiguous denomination and its mobility is not strictly surveilled. Yet rather than failure, this signifies the transformation of power and governance, from what Foucault labels discipline and security into what Massumi terms environmental power. The use of logistical software as well as the interfacing between the formal and informal circuits shows that, paradoxically, e-waste’s transient nature is both constructed and de facto emergent in an uncontrollable fashion. This chapter understands logistics beyond the connotation of a singular, rational strategy and analyzes the normalized disappearance of e-waste as an accident that is produced as such, yet not contained.
著者Hoyng Rolien
編輯Neilson Brett, Rossiter Ned, Samaddar Ranabir
書名Logistical Asia: The Labour of Making a World Region
出版社Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore
頁次199 - 220

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