Relative Survival in Adults with Motor Subtypes of Delirium after Cardiac Surgery in Hong Kong
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摘要Purpose: We assessed the relative survival of adults with motor subtypes of delirium (hypoactive, hyperactive or mixed) admitted to an intensive care unit after cardiac surgery. Methodology: 600 consecutive adults undergoing cardiac surgery at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong (07/2013-07/2015) were prospectively followed-up until censoring 31.12.2017. Motor subtypes of delirium were classified using the Richmond Agitation Sedation Score and Confusion Assessment Method-Intensive Care Unit assessments performed by bedside nurses. Observed mortality was compared to the expected mortality in the Hong Kong population, matched for gender and age, obtained from appropriate calendar-year life tables. Relative excess risk of death was modelled using a Poisson regression. Results: 26 hypoactive, 24 hyperactive and 33 mixed delirium patients were identified. During follow-up (median 3.4 years), 57 patients (9.5%) died. The 3-year cumulative relative survival in patients without delirium was 95.2% (95% CI 92.4%-97.2%). In patients with hypoactive, hyperactive or mixed delirium, the corresponding cumulative relative survival probabilities were 88.9% (95% CI 67.3%-98.7%), 82.5% (95% CI 59.4%-94.6%) and 93.7% (95% CI 76.7%-99.9%). Patients with hyperactive delirium had a relative excess risk of death of 3.4 (95% CI 1.2-9.6) times that of patients without delirium. Conclusion: Excess risk of death for patients with motor subtype delirium, particularly, hyperactive, persisted beyond the immediate postoperative period. Management strategies should address the diagnosis and treatment of all individual motor subtypes to improve long-term survival.
著者Anna Lee, Jing Lan Mu, Chun Hung Chiu, Malcolm Underwood, Galvin Joynt
會議名稱ANZCA / RACS 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting
會議論文集題名ANZ J. Surg.
系列標題Abstract Journal Cardiothoracic Surgery
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