DNA authentication of processed herbal materials and products
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AbstractGenomic DNA provides a rich source of material for species identification. However, degradation of DNA and presence of PCR inhibitory substances make people believe that molecular authentication is unsuitable for processed herbal materials and products. Using herbal decoctions and concentrated Chinese medicine granules (CCMG) as test cases, we showed that DNA could be extracted from these preparations for species identification as well as quality control works. Studies on herbal decoctions showed the intactness of DNA decreased with prolonged boiling. By designing species specific primers targeting on short DNA sequences, constituent herbs could be identified in the decoctions as well as a commercial soup product. In addition, multiplex PCR was developed for effective authentication. Similar results were also found in the case of CCMG in which DNA fragments with sizes generally less than 200 bp could be isolated and amplified in CCMG, and species-specific primers could be used for diagnosis between the genuine and adulterants. In this project, we also aimed at quantifying herbal amount by quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR). It was found that reproducible quantification results could be obtained (1) for 5 to 50 mg CCMG using a modified DNA extraction protocol, (2) amongst DNA extracted from the same batch of CCMG and (3) amongst different batches of CCMG from the same company. These findings thus enable determination of constitute herbal amount in mixed CCMG with low discrepancy less than 3 mg. In conclusion, these studies extended the application of molecular authentication to processed herbal products. For the selected herbal products studied, the primers and protocols can be further developed into diagnostic kits and establishing protocols for regulatory authorities and testing laboratories.
All Author(s) ListYat-Tung Lo, Pang-Chui Shaw
Name of Conference16th Meeting of Consortium for Globalization of Chinese Medicine (CGCM)
Start Date of Conference18/08/2017
End Date of Conference20/08/2017
Place of ConferenceGuangzhou
Country/Region of ConferenceChina
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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