Molecular authentication on processed herbal products: case study on animal-derived concentrated Chinese medicine granules
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AbstractWith rapid development of the modern Chinese medicine industry, herbal materials are now manufactured in the form of concentrated Chinese medicine granules (CCMG) which offer patients a convenient way of consumption and reduce the risk of damaging of the raw herbs due to insect infestation, moisture or temperature. However, the morphological and microscopic characteristics of the herbs are lost and this poses difficulties in authentication. People usually believe that molecular authentication is not applicable for herbal products due to DNA degradation. This study is thus aimed to evaluate the feasibility of using DNA techniques to authenticate animal-derived CCMG, which has no definite mean for authentication so far. Species-specific primers for two types of CCMG, namely Zaocys and Scorpio, were designed to differentiate the genuine drug from their adulterants. Results showed that DNA fragments with sizes generally less than 200 bp could be isolated and amplified in CCMG. Species-specific primers could be used for diagnosis if there are differences of DNA sequences between the genuine and claimed adulterants. This study thus demonstrated the presence of short-fragment DNA which is available for species identification in CCMG. This work has extended the application of molecular authentication in herbal products and may be further developed into diagnostic kits for quality control and regulatory compliance.
All Author(s) ListYat-Tung Lo, Li-Li Jiang, Pang-Chui Shaw
Name of ConferenceInternational Conference on DNA Technology for Authentication, Quality Control and Conservation of Herbal Material 2016
Start Date of Conference12/12/2016
End Date of Conference14/12/2016
Place of ConferenceHong Kong
Country/Region of ConferenceHong Kong
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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