Soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1, placental growth factor and their ratio as a predictor for pre-eclampsia in East Asians
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To assess the clinical utility of the sFlt-1:PlGF ratio rule-in/rule-out pre-eclampsia either directly or after correcting each marker for gestation and maternal weight.
This was a prospective cohort study. sFlt-1, PlGF were measured in 965 women randomized to undergo a single blood withdraw between 20 and 39 weeks of gestation. sFlt-1, PlGF and the sFlt-1:PlGF ratio temporal relationship was determined. sFlt-1 and PlGF were converted to multiples of the expected gestational median (MoM) and adjusted for maternal weight. The 90th centile of the adjusted sFlt-1MoM:PlGFMoM ratio was determined. Clinical utility of the sFlt-1:PlGF ratio (≥38) to rule in/rule–out pre-eclampsia (PE) after 20 weeks of gestation versus that of the sFlt-1MoM:PlGFMoM 90th percentile was assessed in 81 women admitted for management of antenatal hypertension.
The sFlt-1:PlGF ratio had quadratic relationship with gestation whereas the sFlt-1MoM:PlGFMoM ratio log distribution that was Gaussian with a mean of zero and a standard deviation of 0.85 with a 90th percentile equal to 1.08. Thirty-four (42%) of the 81 women admitted for management of their antenatal hypertension had PE, 26 (76.4%) had a sFlt-1:PlGF ratio ≥ 38. Four of the remaining 8 PE affected pregnancies with sFlt-1:PlGF ratio <38 delivered within 7 days, 3 were preterm. Two of the 3 preterm PE pregnancies had sFlt-1MoM:PlGFMoM exceeding 90th percentile.
The relative level of the sFlt-1 to PlGF carries prognostic value. A sFlt-1MoM:PlGFMoM ratio exceeding the 90th centile resulted in additional detection of pregnancies which developed PE compared to the conventional sFlt-1:PlGF ratio.
著者Cheng Yvonne Kwun Yue, Law Lai Wa, Leung Tak Yeung, Chan Oi Ka, Sahota Daljit Singh
期刊名稱Pregnancy Hypertension
頁次61 - 65
關鍵詞Immunoassay, Pregnancy, Placental growth factor (PlGF), Soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase 1 (sFlt-1), sFlt-1:PlGF ratio, Pre-eclampsia, Hypertensive disorders

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