Research on two wonderful herbs of orchid family for aging problems
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摘要The two herbs of Orchid Family are Gastrodia and Dendrobruim.

Gastrodium is the root of an orchid plant used for hundreds of years in China, partly as food ingredient and partly as mechanical herb. Going through Chinese Medicinal Classics, and records related to clinical symptoms and syndromes concerning the human brain, there is hardly any herb comparable to gastrodium. Gastrodium has been used for headaches, migrain, fainting, stroke, dizziness, hallucinations, insanity, delayed development and all other nervous system presentations.

We chose gastrodia as the main component of a simple formula in the development of an evidence-based supplement specific for the treatment and prevention of neural degeneration. Research platforms included phytochemistry authentication; in vitro and in vivo studies on bioactivities and eventually clinical trials.

Dendrobrium is another medicinal herb well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine, recorded as a relieving agent for gastrointestinal deficiencies and disorders. Our insight has been focused on exocrine stimulation which naturally included gastrointestinal juices, saliva and tears. For the latter, elderly people are facing difficulties of “dry-eye syndrome” and “xerostoma”. Our research on dendrobrium hence has concentrated on exocrine stimulation using lachrymal and Salivary gland cell cultures and dry eye animals. Clinical trials will be ready.

The two orchid based herbs, hopefully will be making genuine contributions towards yet unsolved, aging problems.
著者Leung PC
會議名稱Orchid Symposium: From Fundamental Research to Medical Applications

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