Integrated analysis of chromosome copy number variation and gene expression in cervical carcinoma
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AbstractObjective: This study was conducted to explore chromosomal copy number variations (CNV) and transcript expression and to examine pathways in cervical pathogenesis using genome-wide high resolution microarrays.

Methods: Genome-wide chromosomal CNVs were investigated in 6 cervical cancer cell lines by Human Genome CGH Microarray Kit (4x44K). Gene expression profiles in cervical cancer cell lines, primary cervical carcinoma and normal cervical epithelium tissues were also studied using the Whole Human Genome Microarray Kit (4x44K).

Results: Fifty common chromosomal CNVs were identified in the cervical cancer cell lines. Correlation analysis revealed that gene up-regulation or down-regulation is significantly correlated with genomic amplification (P=0.009) or deletion (P=0.006) events. Expression profiles were identified through cluster analysis. Gene annotation analysis pinpointed cell cycle pathways was significantly (P=1.15E-08) affected in cervical cancer. Common CNVs were associated with cervical cancer.

Conclusion: Chromosomal CNVs may contribute to their transcript expression in cervical cancer.
Acceptance Date21/09/2017
All Author(s) ListDeng Yan, Song Yi, Wang Chi Chiu, Liu Gui Qin, Wong Hoi Kin, Chung Tony Kwok Hung, Han Linxiao, Choy Kwong Wai, Sui Yi, Yang Tao, Tang Tao
Journal nameOncotarget
Volume Number8
Issue Number65
PublisherImpact Journals
Pages108912 - 108922
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordscervical cancer, chromosome copy number variation, gene expression, cluster analysis, cell cycle pathways

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