Enhancement effect of Low Magnitude High Frequency Vibration and the Ultrastructural changes of the Osteocyte Lacuno-canalicular System in Osteoporotic Metaphyseal Fracture Healing
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AbstractOsteocytes are responsible for mechano-sensing, initiating endochondral repair and cellular recruitment during fracture healing and bone remodeling. Vibration was reported to promote fracture healing even in osteoporotic bone. We hypothesize that mechanical loading alters the Osteocyte Lacunar Canalicular(OLC) system in ovariectomized metaphyseal fracture model compared with a non-osteoporotic model.

For osteoporosis development, 36 bilateral ovariectomies were performed in female SD rats. A metaphyseal fracture on left distal femur was created and randomized to either vibration or control groups. Weekly radiographs were taken and the rats were euthanized at week 1, 2, 6 post-fracture. Undecalcified histology was used to examine OLC system by acidetched Scanning Electron Microscopy(SEM) and FITC-Imaris.

Vibration enhanced the rate of fracture healing by approximately 25% in the osteoporotic metaphyseal model. At week 1, the osteocytes in both groups were irregular with 20% more dendrites shown in the vibration group while there was a 50% increase of dendrites aligned in irregular clusters after vibration at week 2. At week 6, the osteocytes in vibration group were regular with a densely-branched canaliculi.

Our findings reveal that vibration promotes healing in the osteoporotic metaphyseal model, and this is the first report to show that osteocytes play a critical role in mechanosensing during the healing process. Other studies have suggested that Dentin Matrix Protein 1 can respond to mechanical loading and regulate mineralization. We would investigate the role of osteocytes in mineralization and develop a novel therapeutic strategy to accelerate osteoporotic fracture healing.
All Author(s) ListChoy Man Huen Victoria, Wong Ronald Man Yeung, Li Meng Chen, Chow Simon Kwoon Ho, Cheung Wing Hoi, Cheng Chun Yiu Jack
Name of ConferenceThe 12th International Congress of Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA 2017)
Start Date of Conference15/11/2017
End Date of Conference18/11/2017
Place of ConferenceZhuhai
Country/Region of ConferenceChina
Proceedings TitleThe Proceedings of The 12th International Congress of Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA 2017)
Place of PublicationChina
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Keywordsosteocytes, fracture healing, low magnitude and high frequency vibration

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