Shakespeare Today and Yesterday: The State of Marriage
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摘要The paper explores changes occurring to the institution of marriage in Shakespeare's time. On the one hand, marriage was presented as a hierarchical state; the superiority of the husband to the wife in marriage could be seen as the proper, natural equivalent of the structure of an ideal political commonwealth, wherein the king was superior to ordinary people. Yet, on the other hand, marriage was taking on a discourse of equality between husband and wife -- a discourse that likewise had political implications in relation to the belief that ordinary people had the right, or even the duty, to criticize powerful social institutions such as the church and the monarchy. Drawing references from Shakespearean drama, this paper will summarize the key elements at stake in conceiving marriage as a state of hierarchy or equality in Shakespeare's time. The paper will also explore how representations of marriage on stage have changed over the centuries and how the depiction of marriage remains an important decision of directors and actors in contemporary Shakespearean performance.
著者Jason Gleckman
會議名稱Asian Shakespeare Association Conference
會議地點New Delhi, India
關鍵詞Shakespeare, marriage

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