A Micromodule Courseware Package: An Interactive Journey to the Human Nephron (Phase 2): Renal Handling of Bicarbonate and Acid-Base Balance
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AbstractThis phase 2 project will target another difficult topic that has been identified and proven throughyears of teaching experience to be challenging to year 2 medical students. The project will provide bothlinkage and progression from year 1 to year 2 medical teaching through pre- and post-class micro-moduleswe previously developed for Health Sciences I (MEDF1010), a year 1 foundation course that all year 1medical student must study Our goal is to provide a more complete e-learning map amongst differentyears of medical study. Through this project, we aim to produce six animated and narrated videos thatcan simplify, clarify and justify the essential steps in the mechanisms that help to explain how differentlocations of the human kidney (called the nephron) handle both acids (H+) and bases (OH#) in normalhealthy adults and during sickness. Case-based scenarios will be embedded into each video so thatstudents will be guided to learn how to physiologically interpret a variety of scenarios that are comparableto real-life situations.
All Author(s) ListIsabel HWANG, Wing Hung KO, Nelson TANG, Yan JIN
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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