Mothers' attitude to the use of a combined oral contraceptive pill by their daughters for menstrual disorders or contraception
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摘要Introduction: Mothers’ attitude may affect use of combined oral contraceptive pills by their daughters. We explored Chinese mothers’ knowledge of and attitudes towards the use of combined oral contraceptive pills by their daughters for menstrual disorders or contraception, and evaluate the factors affecting their attitude.
Methods: This survey was conducted from October 2012 to March 2013, and recruited Chinese women who attended a gynaecology clinic or accompanied their daughter to a gynaecology clinic, and who had one or more daughters aged 10 to 18 years. They completed a 41-item questionnaire to assess their knowledge of and attitude towards use of the combined oral contraceptive pills by their daughters. The demographic data of the mothers and their personal experience in using the pills were also collected.
Results: A total of 300 women with a mean age of 45.2 (standard deviation, 5.0) years completed the questionnaire. Only 58.3% of women reported that they had knowledge about the combined oral contraceptive pills; among them, a majority (63.3%) reported that their source of knowledge came from medical professionals. Of a total possible score of 22, their mean knowledge score for risk, side-effects, benefits, and contra-indications to use of combined oral contraceptive pills was only 5.0 (standard deviation, 4.7). If the medical recommendation to use an oral contraceptive was to manage their daughter’s dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, acne, or contraception needs, 32.0%, 39.3%, 21.0% and 29.7%, respectively would accept this advice. Women who were an ever-user of combined oral contraceptive pills or who were more knowledgeable about combined oral contraceptives had a higher acceptance rate.
Conclusions: Chinese women had a low acceptance level of using combined oral contraceptive pills as a legitimate treatment for their daughters. This was associated with lack of knowledge or a high degree of uncertainty about their risks and benefits. It is important that health caregivers provide up-to-date information about combined oral contraceptive pills to women and their daughters.
著者Yiu KW, Chan Symphorosa SC, Chung Tony KH
期刊名稱Hong Kong Medical Journal
出版地Hong Kong
頁次150 - 157
關鍵詞Contraception, Contraceptive agents, Menstruation disturbances, Mother-child relations, Mothers/psychology
Web of Science 學科類別Medicine, General & Internal;General & Internal Medicine

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