Quality of Life and Health Outcome Scores Continuously Evaluated from Early Stage of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis to Years after Surgery in Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Using Mobile Device Friendly Version of SRS-22 Questionnaire
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摘要Introduction: Scoliosis Research Society–22 questionnaire (SRS-22) is a well-established questionnaire to evaluate quality of life and health outcomes in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) patients. Originally designed in prints do not keep in pace with modern busy clinical environment in terms of speed, time and manpower spent, and data management. In this study, we revamped SRS-22 to be online and mobile device–friendly and evaluate the changes.

Methods: Cloud-based mobile browser-friendly version of SRS-22 (SRS-22 mobile) was developed by in-house IT department. SRS-22 mobile was self-administered through a mobile device (Apple iPad). Patients registered and completed informed consent form online. Patients answered the questions by tabbing the answers. All domain scores and mean total scores from all visits were instantly shown on the screen.

Results: A total of 403 patients from different stages of AIS of 469 records recruited from a specialised clinic completed SRS-22 online since October 2016. Mean time to complete registration and questions was less than 10 minutes and less than 5 minutes for follow-up. Function and pain scores at baseline were significantly higher than that at bracing, and before and after operation (both p<0.05). Self-image and mental scores showed insignificantly different from baseline to postoperation. Surgical satisfaction scores were statistically insignificant before and after surgery.

Discussion and Conclusion: Use of recent technologies to collect SRS-22 information greatly improves management and resource uses. Additional supports on patients’ functionality and pain management are recommended. Close monitoring on their self-image and mental health were also suggested.
著者WW Chau, PCH Chan, A Kumar, ALH Hung, BKW Ng, JCY Cheng
會議名稱Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 37th Annual Congress 2017
會議地點Hong Kong
會議論文集題名The Proceedings of the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 37th Annual Congress 2017
出版地Hong Kong
頁次119 - 119

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