A novel BCI-based motor observation training system for hand restoration in chronic stroke
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摘要Brain Computer Interface(BCI) provides a new means of communication for those with severe motor disability, it turns users’ thoughts into actions that do not involve voluntary muscle movement. In this paper, an electroencephalogram (EEG) based Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) was integrated with a robotic hand designed to target rehabilitation therapies of stroke patients such that patients can control the rehabilitation robot by observation of hand movements in video clip. The mu suppression was used as control index from the EEG signals recorded during the movement observation which was determined as a ratio of the mu power during the movement observation relative to the power during rest condition. A robotic hand was used to assist paretic hand grasp/open based on the result of mu suppression. The system also displayed mu suppression to subject to provide real-time feedback. The proposed BCI-based robotic rehabilitation system has been successfully implemented on physical setups in our laboratory and a chronic stroke subjects were recruited to test the performance of this system. The preliminary results are encouraging: first, it has been shown that EEG features related to the movement observation can be successfully adopted to control the robot hand; secondly, the analysis of EEG data showed that the lesion hemisphere is progressively more involved during the BCI training, and improvement of motor function of stroke subject was proved by UL-FMA (pre-FMA:29; post-FMA:38), ARAT (pre-ARAT:8; post-ARAT:20) and WMFT (pre-WMFT:36; post-WMFT:41) after 20 sessions training. This paper is a case study about BCI based motor observation training system, more stroke patients will be recruited in this study to verify the effect of the system in future.
著者Rui Sun, Wan-wa Wong, Jing Wang, Raymond Kai-yu Tong
會議名稱The 8th WACBE World Congress on Bioengineering
會議地點Hong Kong

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