GA-SVM Algorithm for Improving Land-Cover Classification Using SAR and Optical Remote Sensing Data
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摘要Multisource remote sensing data have been widely used to improve land-cover classifications. The combination of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and optical imagery can detect different land-cover types, and the use of genetic algorithms (GAs) and support vector machines (SVMs) can lead to improved classifications. Moreover, SVM kernel parameters and feature selection affect the classification accuracy. Thus, a GA was implemented for feature selection and parameter optimization. In this letter, a GA-SVM algorithm was proposed as a method of classifying multifrequency RADARSAT-2 (RS2) SAR images and Thaichote (THEOS) multispectral images. The results of the GA-SVM algorithm were compared with those of the grid search algorithm, a traditional method of parameter searching. The results showed that the GA-SVM algorithm outperformed the grid search approach and provided higher classification accuracy using fewer input features. The images obtained by fusing RS2 data and THEOS data provided high classification accuracy at over 95%. The results showed improved classification accuracy and demonstrated the advantages of using the GA-SVM algorithm, which provided the best accuracy using fewer features.
著者Chanika Sukawattanavijit, Jie Chen, Hongsheng Zhang
期刊名稱IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters
頁次284 - 288

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