Sustainable architecture as a conceptual bridge of ecotourism and architecture
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AbstractTourism and architecture appear to be separate disciplines with parallel trajectories. Ecotourism, recognized as the conscience of sustainable tourism, has evolved for more than two decades since its emergence. Successful development of ecotourism and sustainable tourism share some principles. These principles parallel the growth in environmentally friendly consumerism that has extended from products to destination. The art and science of architecture is also following this trend for it too is framed within the larger discussion of sustainability. Logically, then, ecotourism and sustainable architectural design form a natural partnership. This paper brings out the interrelationship between eco- and sustainable tourism, green place movement, and the green elements in the architectural study. Through a review of some contemporary literature and examples of ecolodge, biomimetics or biomimicry, liveable city and green city marketing, the paper argues that architects and resource planners should take the idea of sustainable architecture as the core principle for future construction and development. A sustainability conceptualization and a system approach to integrate elements in a living environment are both the two keys to success. Sustainable architecture lays down foundation for further in-depth discussions and establishes a bridge for studies about sustainability movements in ecotourism and architecture.
Acceptance Date01/12/2016
All Author(s) ListChan C. S., Marafa L. M., McKercher B.
Journal nameInternational Leisure Review
Volume Number2
Issue Number5
Place of PublicationTaiwan
Pages48 - 70
LanguagesEnglish-United States
KeywordsArchitecture, ecotourism, leisure, sustainability, sustainable architecture, sustainable tourism

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