A putative MYB-like transcription factor involved in secondary cell wall formation in Arabidopsis
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摘要Secondary cell walls (SCWs) are important for plants to support their growth and adapt to changing environments. SCWs are composed mainly of three biopolymers, namely lignin, cellulose and hemicellulose. Studies have suggested that the biosynthesis of these biopolymers is regulated by a complex transcriptional network. However, the details of this transcriptional network have not been fully uncovered. From an activation tagging based genetic mutant screen in Arabidopsis, we identified a new mutant, rif1 (Respressor of Interfascicular Fibers 1), which has severe defects in secondary wall formation in stems, making the plant cannot stand erectly. Microscopy study indicated that the SCW deposition in interfascicular fibers of rif1 is completely missing, and SCW components assay showed that the levels of the three biopolymers are all significantly decreased in the rif1 mutant. RIF1 encodes a MYB like transcription factor in Arabidopsis which has not been characterized before. RIF1 is localized in nucleus and has putative transcriptional regulatory activity. From a protoplast transcription transient assay, we demonstrate that RIF1 acts as a transcriptional repressor and negatively regulate several important SCW biosynthesis genes. Our results suggest that RIF1 may define a novel negative transcription regulator in SCW formation in plants.
著者Chunming Wang, Meihui Yu and Junxian He
會議名稱The XIX International Botanical Congress

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