Microscopic Study of Chloroplast Development in the Albino Mutant bzs20 in Arabidopsis
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摘要Chloroplasts are essential organelles which dedicate to undergo photosynthesis to provide energy for plant survival and development. In the early stage of seed development, chloroplasts already exist in embryo. During embryo maturation, photosynthetic active chloroplasts dedifferentiate to etioplasts which are non-photosynthetic and colorless because of loss of pigments (chlorophylls and carotenoids). While upon seed germination, light exposure converts the etioplasts into chloroplasts which contain activated chlorophylls required for photosynthesis. Normal biogenesis and development of chloroplasts ensure plants to obtain optimal amount of energy form photosynthesis. Previous studies in our laboratory have discovered a novel albino mutant bzs20 in Arabidopsis thaliana. bzs20 is a recessive T-DNA insertion mutant which is seedling lethal and shows albino cotyledons and pale green true leaves. Thus, bzs20 mutation might have caused some defects in chloroplast development or synthesis of the green pigment chlorophyll. However, the detailed mechanisms causing these defects remain unknown. Therefore, the aim of this project is to perform further detailed phenotypic studies to the bzs20 mutant, particularlyto the chloroplast ultrastructure during seedling development. To this end, different approaches and methodologies have been applied to illustrate the chloroplast development defects in the bzs20 mutant plant. Ultrastructural analysis with TEM reveals that the mutant is destructive in thylakoid network and lack of starch grains in chloroplast. Phenotypes of bzs20 embryos during embryogenesis have been observed with light microscopy. However, no significant morphological difference was observed between bzs20 and wild-type embryos, indicating that the albino phenotype is not formed during embryogenesis. Therefore, we will, test whether the albino phenotype is formed during seedlings process or during or after seed maturation processes. These structural studies of chloroplast development in the novel albino mutant bzs20 will help understanding the function of BZS20 gene in regulating the normal development of chloroplasts in plants.
著者Wing Shing Wong, King Shing Wong, Na Li, Lei Feng, Junxian He
會議名稱Plant Biology 2017
會議地點Honolulu, Hawaii
會議論文集題名Abstract/Poster Book, Plant Biology 2017
出版社American Society of Plant Biologists
出版地Honolulu, Hawaii

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