The CCCH-type Zinc Finger Protein ZNF1 is Involved in Brassinosteroid-regulated Plant Growth in Arabidopsis
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AbstractBrassinosteroids (BRs) are important steroidal hormones which can regulate numerous developmental processes in
plants, including cell expansion, cell division, senescence, male fertility, fruit ripening, and responses to environmental
stresses. BR signaling is mediated by a signaling pathway that is composed of the BR receptors BRI1/BAK1, transcription factors BZR1/BES1, and other signaling components. As a key transcription factor and positive regulator of BR signaling, BZR1 has been shown to mediate BR crosstalk with many other signaling pathways in plants. From a BZR1-based yeast two-hybrid screen, we identified a BZR1-interacting protein ZNF1, which is a CCCH-type zinc finger protein with putative transcriptional regulatory activity. ZNF1 and family proteins have been previously reported to be involved in plant response to abiotic stresses such as salinity; however, their functions in plant growth have been poorly understood. Here we show that ZNF1 interacts with BZR1 in vitro and in vivo and overexpression of ZNF1 inhibits plant growth. ZNF1 accumulation in plants is BR-inducible and overexpression of ZNF1 suppresses BZR1’sactivity in regulating plant growth, target gene expression and responses to BR treatments. Our results suggest that ZNF1 may represent a new negative regulator of pant growth and BR signaling.
All Author(s) ListZheze Zhao, Mei-Hui Yu, Zhiyong Wang, Junxian He
Name of ConferencePlant Biology 2017
Start Date of Conference24/06/2017
End Date of Conference28/06/2017
Place of ConferenceHonolulu, Hawaii
Country/Region of ConferenceUnited States of America
Proceedings TitleAbstract/Poster Book, Plant Biology 2017
PublisherAmerican Society of Plant Biologists
Place of PublicationHonolulu, Hawaii, USA
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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