PACT Facilitates RNA-Induced Activation of MDA5 by Promoting MDA5 Oligomerization
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摘要MDA5 is a RIG-I–like cytoplasmic sensor of dsRNA and certain RNA viruses, such as encephalomyocarditis virus, for the initiation of the IFN signaling cascade in the innate antiviral response. The affinity of MDA5 toward dsRNA is low, and its activity becomes optimal in the presence of unknown cellular coactivators. In this article, we report an essential coactivator function of dsRNA-binding protein PACT in mediating the MDA5-dependent type I IFN response. Virus-induced and polyinosinic-polycytidylic acid–induced activation of MDA5 were severely impaired in PACT-knockout cells and attenuated in PACT-knockdown cells, but they were potentiated when PACT was overexpressed. PACT augmented IRF3-dependent type I IFN production subsequent to dsRNA-induced activation of MDA5. In contrast, PACT had no influence on MDA5-mediated activation of NF-κB. PACT required dsRNA interaction for its action on MDA5 and promoted dsRNA-induced oligomerization of MDA5. PACT had little stimulatory effect on MDA5 mutants deficient for oligomerization and filament assembly. PACT colocalized with MDA5 in the cytoplasm and potentiated MDA5 recruitment to the dsRNA ligand. Taken together, these findings suggest that PACT functions as an essential cellular coactivator of RIG-I, as well as MDA5, and it facilitates RNA-induced formation of MDA5 oligomers.
著者Pak-Yin Lui, Lok-Yin Roy Wong, Ting-Hin Ho, Shannon Wing Ngor Au, Chi-Ping Chan, Kin-Hang Kok, Dong-Yan Jin
期刊名稱Journal of Immunology
頁次1846 - 1855

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