Beauty Queens and their College Going Kids: Aspirations of Overseas Filipino Workers in Hong Kong
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摘要Foreign domestic workers, who are by large women and long-distance mums, in Hong Kong are often homogenized, exoticized, and stigmatized as people who live without purpose beyond remitting money home. My ethnographic research, however, shows that, on Sundays, their only rest days, they in fact actively juggle between personal chores, association board meetings, birthday parties, church volunteer works, sports events, and beauty pageants. Most of the activities require time and money, two things foreign domestic workers are short of.
This paper addresses aspirations of the 160,000 plus overseas Filipino domestic workers (OFWs) in Hong Kong and focuses on active beauty pageant participants. Starting from examining the puzzling phenomenon of Filipino domestic workers “squandering” their time and money in beauty pageants, I will end at discussing the seemingly futile efforts of sending their children to colleges. I argue that these baffling choices and aspirations need to be understood within a much broader context of the Philippine’s class structure, Roman Catholic culture and colonial legacy; discourse of modernization; and the exercise of global capitalist institution.
著者CHEN Ju-chen
會議名稱Age, Agency, Ambiguity -- Gender and Generation in Times of Change
關鍵詞Gender, Filipino, Hong Kong, Philippines, Domestic Worker, Migration, Education

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