PASS in GEF: Implementation of Peer Learning in General Education
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摘要The General Education Foundation (GEF) Programme, a common core programme consisting of two courses, namely In Dialogue with Humanity and In Dialogue with Nature, has been fully launched since 2012. Through the study of classics, students from diverse backgrounds engage in dialogues with their teachers and their peers to explore the world of science and knowledge, as well as reflect on what it means to have a good life and an ideal society. The courses require students to read selected texts prior to taking part in seminar discussions. Reading classic texts and discussing serious questions in class, however, are challenging for many students. To help students meet these challenges, Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) has been implemented since the pilot stage of GEF in 2010. Derived from Supplemental Instruction, PASS provides a cost-effective platform for structured peer learning in a supportive and engaging learning environment. It consists of one-hour and weekly voluntary study sessions facilitated by PASS Leaders, students who exceled in the same course in the past and have completed an accredited PASS Leader Training. This poster presentation will give an overview of PASS in the GEF Programme, how PASS has been implemented in the context of General Education, and how PASS can help students consolidate their understandings, reinforce key concepts and develop effective study strategies.
著者SZETO Wai Man, LEUNG Mei Yee, LI Ming Kenneth, WU Jun Vivian, YIP Lo Ming Amber, WONG Ka Tai Isaac, LAI Ka Yu Ann
會議名稱2017 Institute on General Education cum Teacher and Student Conference
會議地點Hong Kong

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