Investigation into Shopping Tourist Satisfaction: An Application of Shopping Values
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摘要Shopping tourism is an emerging concept in tourism research, thus contradicting the notion that shopping is not a novel idea.Tourists have long been performing shopping activities, such as purchasing authentic handicrafts and souvenirs, to benefit from a pleasant tourism experience. Some scholars regarded shopping as one of the oldest tourist activities and stressed that a trip is incomplete without shopping. Others then asserted that shopping is inseparable from other activities in tourist destinations and may in fact be considered a main purpose for travel. In other words, shopping is regarded as an incidental tourist activity, thereby indicating its potential as a primary travel motivation. The current study investigates the personal values of shopping tourists and their satisfaction levels. Via convenience sampling, 230 samples were collected. The software packages SPSS Statistics 20.0 and AMOS 20.0 were used for statistical analysis. Findings showed that both hedonic and utilitarian values positively influence tourist satisfaction and positive word of mouth. Therefore, this research deepens understanding regarding tourist behavior in the context of shopping tourism research.
著者Choi Miju
會議名稱ICCUTH 2017:19th International Conference on Culture Tourism and Hospitality
會議地點Kyoto, Japan
關鍵詞shopping tourism, hedonic value, utilitarian value, tourist satisfaction

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