Assessment of Students’ Understanding of Nature of Science using Contextual Survey
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摘要Student’s understanding of nature of science (NOS) is commonly assessed using survey with general description. However, previous studies showed that contextual survey could reveal a different understanding of NOS. In this study, a contextual survey based on the story of discovery of DNA structure was used to assess students’ understanding of NOS. A total of 134 students studying the general education foundation (GEF) course In Dialogue with Nature in The Chinese University of Hong Kong were surveyed. Six NOS sub-categories (collaboration, competition, creativity, inference, scientific methods and tentativeness) were developed from 16 Likert scale items using factor analysis. The survey scores among students with different backgrounds (gender, religion and senior secondary science) were compared using MANOVA. Students studied science subjects in their senior secondary forms showed significantly better understanding of NOS in the sub-categories inference and scientific method. When compared with atheist students, students with Christian background showed a significantly higher score in the sub-categories creativity and scientific method. There was no significant difference between genders in overall scores and on any sub-category. This study provided valuable information to the teacher of the GEF course.
著者LAU Kwok Chi, LI Ming, LIAO Liang
會議名稱International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and E-learning

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