An Investigation of the Perceived Value of Shopping Tourism
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摘要Managing shopping risk is a prerequisite to ensuring business prosperity in shopping destinations, as risk is likely to influence perceived value and the choice of future shopping destinations. Previous studies have shown that enhancing trust is a means of avoiding or minimizing perceived (shopping) risk. Increased trust is expected to reduce shopping risk and ultimately foster the impression of a shopping destination as reliable. Despite its important role, trust has received limited, if any, attention in shopping- and tourism-related research. As shopping behavior while traveling abroad differs from ordinary shopping in one’s home country, tourists’ shopping activities require in-depth research grounded in psychological theory. This study aimed to examine the influence of trust in a shopping destination on the value of that destination as perceived by tourist shoppers. The findings suggest that trust in a shopping destination positively influences perceptions of the destination’s value in every value category.
著者Miju Choi, Rob Law, Cindy Yoonjoung Heo
期刊名稱Journal of Travel Research
關鍵詞shopping tourism, shopping tourist, perceived value, trust

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