A Literature Review of Educational Programs for Older People with Tuberculosis
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In Hong Kong, people aged 65 years or above have reported the highest notification rate of tuberculosis (TB). In recent years, the success rate of treating TB in Hong Kong has been lower than the standards of World Health Organization. Adherence is a key determinant of the effectiveness of TB treatment and patients default in directly observed treatment has been attributed to lack of TB-related knowledge. Therefore, an evidence-based health educational program must be developed for older people with TB in Hong Kong.

A literature review was conducted to identify effective approaches for developing educational programs that can improve the knowledge and medication adherence of TB patients.

A systematic search was conducted in multiple electronic databases, including MEDLINE, Embase, CINAHL, and British Nursing Index, using keywords related to TB, knowledge, medication, treatment adherence and education program. A total of five studies published between 1995 and 2016 met the inclusion criteria.

Results and Outcomes
The reviewed studies include one randomized control trial, one clinical control trial, two quasi-experimental designs, and one mixed method design. The quality of these studies was rated as moderate or higher. Most of these studies used well-established instruments to measure the outcomes. All educational programs reported significant improvement in the TB knowledge and medication adherence of patients.
The literature review reveals that the program contents should include four main components, namely causes of TB, treatments and side effects, potential barriers to treatment adherence, and psychosocial support. A client-centered approach using videos booklets, and tailored interventions is recommended. Videos can increase the interest for patients and improve their understanding of the disease. Booklets can act as reference materials to reinforce the information provided to the patients. Individual counseling helps patients to address specific needs and barriers, clarify any misunderstanding, and receive psychosocial support. This review provides directions for developing evidence-based educational programs that can enhance the medication adherence of older TB patients. A successful program not only improves the health outcomes of older people with TB but also relieves the financial burden imposed upon the healthcare system.
著者Chan K.T., Xie C., Tang F. W. K.
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