Law of Contract in Hong Kong: Cases and Commentary
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AbstractA clear and exacting overview of the legal principles of Hong Kong contract law

Now in its fifth edition, this well-known text has been essential reading for Hong Kong law students for many years. Written by one of the foremost experts, its clear prose, detailed analysis and local focus have ensured its enduring popularity as a text book. This edition is fully up to date with the latest cases, and includes a revised chapter order to help aid understanding of this important topic.

Among the many important changes which Hong Kong has experienced over the last couple of decades is the gradual, and continuing, emergence of a distinctively local common law. The common law of contract is no exception, and it is now increasingly possible to speak of a Hong Kong law of contract that is not a mere facsimile of the English common law. The goal of this edition, the fifth of this important work, is to further contribute to the growing body of work dealing with Hong Kong’s law of contract.

The cases selected for inclusion in the book have been carefully curated, and the commentary thereupon expounds each legal principle with clarity and exactitude. The text looks toward English case law, where it lays foundational principles, but the Hong Kong cases included are present either because they develop upon contract law in a significant way or in a distinctive Hong Kong setting. In similar fashion, a selection of cases from other common law jurisdictions are also included. It is not, however, simply a casebook. It also includes extensive commentary and analysis exploring the similarities and emerging differences among the jurisdictions, with particular reference to the ongoing development of the law in Hong Kong.

This new edition strives to present the text better and introduces a rearrangement of chapters to better aid comprehension of the subject matter. It will prove invaluable for any student of the law wishing to understand the Law of Contract in Hong Kong.
All Author(s) ListStephen Hall
PublisherLexisNexis Hong Kong
Place of PublicationHong Kong
Pages1 - 1130
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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