Is Internet addiction transitory or persistent? Incidence and prospective predictors of remission of Internet addiction among Chinese secondary school students
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Internet addiction (IA) is prevalent among adolescents but it is potentially revertible. Only three Taiwan adolescent studies reported IA remission and a few related factors. We investigated incidence and predictors of remission among Hong Kong Chinese secondary school students with a 12-month longitudinal study.
IA was defined as Chen Internet Addiction Scale(CIAS) score > 63. Validated measures were used to assess students' psychosocial wellbeing at baseline and follow-up.
Of 1545 students with IA at baseline, 1296 (83.9%) provided matched baseline/12-month follow-up data; their data were analyzed. Incidence of remission (CIAS <= 63 at follow-up) was 59.29/100 person-years. Significant predictors included: 1) baseline CIAS score (ORa =.95), 2) baseline health belief model (HBM) constructs [perception of having severe IA (ORa =.34), perceived susceptibility to IA (ORa = 0.82), perceived barrier (ORa = 0.95), cue to action from parents (ORa = 0.82), and self-efficacy for reducing Internet use (ORa = 1.13)1, and 3) baseline psychosocial health measures [self-esteem (ORa = 1.03), severe depression (ORa = 0.72) and social anxiety (ORa = 0.96)] and their changes over time [depression (ORa =.95), anxiety (ORa =.94), loneliness (ORa =.93), self-esteem (ORa = 1.07), positive affect (ORa = 1.10) and family support (ORa = 1.03)]. Two-thirds (64.3%) of the remission group presented reduced CIAS score > 1.5 SD, and recorded larger improvements in psychosocial status over time than the non-remission group.
Without noticeable interventions, incidence of remission was high and related to improvements in psychosocial health. Most of the HBM constructs, and baseline/changes in psychosocial measures predicted remission. Interventions to increase remission should modify these factors.
著者Joseph T.F. Lau, Anise M.S. Wu, Danielle L. Gross, Kit-man Cheng, Mason M.C.Lau
期刊名稱Addictive Behaviors
頁次55 - 62
關鍵詞Internet addiction,Remission,Health belief model,Psychosocial health,Adolescent,Chinese
Web of Science 學科類別Psychology, Clinical;Substance Abuse;Psychology;Substance Abuse

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