Chloride assisted supramolecular assembly of a luminescent gigantic cluster: [Ag216S56Cl7(Cu CPh)(98)(H2O)(12)](-) with pseudo-T-h skeleton and five-shell arrangement
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AbstractUsing a chloride-assisted supramolecular building-block approach, we have employed the molecular Cl@Ag-m(Cu = CPh)(n) entity in the construction of a gigantic cluster namely [Ag216S56Cl7( Cu CPh)(98)(H2O)(12)][Ag-3(imidazole)(H2O)(4)](SbF6)(2) (1), which contains the largest discrete organometallic cluster investigated by X-ray crystallography. Based on an icosahedral Cl@Ag-12 kernel, this spheroidal cluster features an unprecedented five-shell structure Cl@Ag-12@S-12@ Ag-32@S44Cl6@Ag-172 with idealized Th symmetry. The MALDI-MS, 1D, 2D H-1 NMR, electronic absorption, emission spectra and HR-TEM of 1 were measured. Compound 1 shows intense red luminescence in solution at room temperature (QY = 4.7% in CH2Cl2), in addition to its 3.4 nm diameter, which makes it a unique example that fills the gap between small luminescent silver clusters and large luminescent silver nanoparticles.
All Author(s) ListChen ZY, Tam DYS, Mak TCW
Journal nameNanoscale
Volume Number9
Issue Number26
Pages8930 - 8937
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
Web of Science Subject CategoriesChemistry, Multidisciplinary;Nanoscience & Nanotechnology;Materials Science, Multidisciplinary;Physics, Applied;Chemistry;Science & Technology - Other Topics;Materials Science;Physics

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