Citation Classics in Patient Engagement Research: An Analysis of the 50 Most Cited Articles
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Patient engagement offers a promising pathway toward improved population health, better-quality care, and greater cost efficiency. The objective of the current study is to identify and analyze the characteristics of the 50 most frequently cited articles in patient engagement journals.
The ISI Journal Citation Reports: Science Edition 2014 database was used to determine the most frequently cited published articles in Dec 2016. The most cited 50 articles were selected and assessed according to the published
journal, origin of institutions, publication year, impact factor, topic, and type of study.
The 50 selected articles were published in 19 journals, the majority of which originated from the UK. The most common study design was quantitative study and reviews. The improvement of health care services quality and the construction of engagement model were the top two topics. And 2013 is the most published year receiving the most citations.
Our findings provide a historical perspective on the scientific progress of patient engagement and allow for recognition of important developments and limitations in this field.
Acceptance Date11/06/2017
All Author(s) ListRichard Huan Xu, Eliza Lai-Yi Wong
Journal nameOpen Journal of Nursing
Detailed descriptionArticle ID:76861
Volume Number7
Issue Number6
Pages630 - 644
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsCitation Analysis, Patient Engagement, Publication, Systematic Evaluation

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