Micro-modules for Pharmaceutical Dispensing: A Bi-lingual Micro-Dose Delivery of Concepts involved in Dispensing Medications
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AbstractThe provision of medications to patients include interpreting the prescriber’s written orders, calculating the correct dose, knowing whether the right formulation was selected for the patient and appropriate patient use. These four areas are the mainstay of pharmaceutical dispensing and one of the core responsibilities of pharmacists. It serves as the premise of the course PHAR 2313- Principles of Pharmaceutical Dispensing.

This project aims to:
1. Increase tutorial and group discussion sessions by providing flipped class room setting
2. Provide a more comprehensive and complete eLearning by integrating existing videos and on-line quizzes from Blackboard into the micro-module approach
3. Maximize learning outcomes by improving student understanding of the course topics
All Author(s) ListIsabel Shui Shan HWANG, Celeste Lom Ying EWIG
Detailed descriptionA micromodule courseware package
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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