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Abstract"Confessional" is a piece of sculpture & photograph work presented in the On Shark & Humanity exhibition presented by Hong Kong Parkview in partnership with the international non-profit organisation WildAid at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. The exhibition was comprised of work from 36 internationally recognised artists, marrying the worlds of visual art and humanitarian action. The On Shark & Humanity exhibition in Hong Kong is the fifth edition of this multidisciplinary exhibition curated by internationally lauded curator Huang Du, that has been shown in Monaco, Moscow, Beijing and Singapore to great acclaim.

The work “Confessional” includes a shark fin/cage-like metal sculpture, a performative installation on the sea and a photo documentation of it. In the “On Sharks and Humanity” exhibition, I presented the sculpture and the photo as well as a performance, standing still inside the sculpture quietly, during the course of the opening ceremony. The performative component connotes the confession of what human beings did to another species - 100 million sharks killed every year in this case.
All Author(s) ListHo Siu Kee
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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