Role of Cadherin 19 in the Defective Migration of Sacral Neural Crest Cells in Dominant megacolon Mouse Embryos
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摘要Our previous study showed that mouse sacral neural crest cells (NCCs) migrated long distances from the neural tube to the distal hindgut to form enteric neurons and glia. In the present study, we sought to determine the migration defect of sacral NCCs in the Dominant megacolon (Sox10Dom) mouse mutant, which carries a Sox10 mutation, and to ascertain the molecule which is involved in the defective migration. It was found that the early migration of sacral NCCs in the caudal mesenchyme of the mutant was retarded, and sacral NCCs tended to aggregate to form clusters. In vitro, the migration speed of Sox10Dom/Dom sacral NCCs was reduced comparing to their wild-type counterpart. Genome-wide expression analysis by microarray showed that the expression of Cadherin19 (Cdh19) in Sox10Dom/Dom sacral NCCs was dramatically reduced, while chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay indicated that Cdh19 expression was regulated by direct binding of Sox10 to its promoter. Knockdown of Cdh19 expression in sacral NCCs in vitro and in embryos cultured ex vivo reduced sacral NCC migration, and re-expression of Cdh19 in Sox10Dom/Dom sacral NCCs restored their migration ability. Our findings suggested that down-regulated expression of Cdh19 was directly involved in the retarded pre-enteric migration of Sox10Dom/Dom sacral NCCs.
著者Taida HUANG, Yonghui HOU, Xia WANG, Mai Har SHAM, Tin Lap LEE, Wood Yee CHAN
會議名稱2017 Neural Crest and Cranial Placodes (Gordon Research Conference)
會議地點Ventura, California

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