Immune profiles in rural children protecting against asthma
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摘要Background: Asthma is common affecting children and early environmental exposure in rural area may affect the subsequent risk of asthma development. The objective of this study is to characterize the immune profiles in asthmatic and non-asthmatic children from urban and rural Southern China.
Methods: After an initial screening of 18,000 children from Hong Kong and rural China. The prevalence of asthma in rural China was only one third of that in Hong Kong. We then recruited a case-control sample from Hong Kong (47 controls vs 32 asthmatics) and Conghua (47 controls vs 20 asthmatics). Blood samples were collected for regulatory T (Treg) cell count, gene expression and cytokine studies. PBMC were cultured unstimulated, with LPS or adaptive stimuli.
Results: The adaptive stimuli induced ex-vivo cytokine production was higher in Conghua controls and cases compared with that in their Hong Kong counterparts. Significantly higher concentrations of Th1-related cytokines such as IFN-γ, IL-1β and TNF-α were detected in samples from the Conghua group (p<0.01). The percentage of Treg cells was also higher in unstimulated PBMC of the Hong Kong group, however upon CD3/28 stimulation, the Conghua group caught up with the level within 24-hour culture. Gene expression of Th17 marker IL-23R was significantly different between Hong Kong cases and Conghua cases (by fold change, p<0.0001)
Conclusions: Environmental exposures in Conghua potentially regulate cytokine secretion and gene expression of Treg cell and Th17 markers through adaptive stimulation. The very low prevalence of asthma in rural Conghua children may be partially explained by a propensity to Th1 immunity and increased functional capacity of Treg cells.
著者GWK Wong, C Wong, J Li, TF Leung, YH Xing
會議名稱European Respiratory Society International Congress
會議論文集題名European Respiratory Journal
期次Suppl 61

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