Interface Engineering and Crystal Engineering for High-Performance Organic Thin Film Transistors
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AbstractOrganic thin film transistors (OTFTs) are elemental units in light-weight, flexible and low-cost organic electronic devices, which are of great fundamental interests in materials science and are also recognized as a growing market for industry. Frontier molecular orbitals and molecular packing in the crystals are two key factors that determine charge transport in organic semiconductors in OTFTs. Because OTFTs are interface devices with their performance highly dependent on the interface between organic semiconductors and gate dielectrics, controlling interface structures and properties is as important as tuning molecular packing of organic semiconductors in bulk crystals for the success of OTFTs. This talk will present our research on OTFTs in two aspects. One aspect is the interface engineering strategy based on a novel self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of cyclohexyl-terminated phosphonic acid.[1] As fabricated on this SAM, the solution-processed n-channel OTFTs of silylethynylated tetraazapentacene achieved room-temperature field effect mobility of up to 11 cm2/Vs,[2] and exhibited band-like temperature dependence of electron mobility. The vacuum-deposited n-channel OTFTs of C60 achieved room-temperature field effect mobility higher than 20 cm2/Vs. The other aspect is the crystal engineering of organic semiconductors to enhance charge carrier mobility and to bring new functions. One group of semiconductors to be highlighted here is twisted hexabenzoperylenes (HBPs), which self-assemble into layered semiconductors with a unique brickwork arrangement. Based on twisted-HBPs, we fabricated monolayer field effect transistors [3] and highly sensitive and selective sensors for fluoride in water.
All Author(s) ListQian Miao
Name of Conference9th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT 2017)
Start Date of Conference18/06/2017
End Date of Conference23/06/2017
Place of ConferenceSingapore
Country/Region of ConferenceSingapore
LanguagesEnglish-United States

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