How PASS Works in the General Education Foundation Programme: A Mixed Methods Study
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AbstractThe General Education Foundation (GEF) Programme, is a common core programme that was launched in 2012, and it consists of two courses, namely: In Dialogue with Nature; and In Dialogue with Humanity. Through the study of classic texts, students engage in dialogues with their teacher and their peers to explore the world of science and knowledge, as well as to reflect on what it means to have a good life and an ideal society. The courses require students to read selected texts prior to taking part in seminar discussions. Reading classic texts and discussing serious questions in class, however, prove to be challenging for many of the students. To help them overcome these problems, Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) has been implemented since the pilot stage of the GEF Programme in 2010. Derived from Supplemental Instruction, PASS provides a cost-effective platform for structured collaborative learning in a supportive and engaging environment. It consists of one-hour and weekly voluntary study sessions facilitated by PASS Leaders. These are students who previously exceled in the same course and have completed their accredited PASS Leader Training. Supported by the quantitative and qualitative data collected in our mixed methods study, this poster presentation provides an overview of how PASS works in the GEF Programme. It also describes how PASS can help students considerably in their comprehension of classic texts, and in the identification of the main ideas and the connections between them, as well as fostering their confidence in expressing themselves in the seminar discussions.
Acceptance Date14/11/2016
All Author(s) ListDr. Wai Man SZETO, Prof. Mei Yee LEUNG, Dr. Kenneth Ming LI, Dr. Vivian Jun WU, Dr. Amber Lo Ming YIP, Mr. Isaac Ka Tai WONG, Ms. Ann Ka Yu LAI
Name of ConferenceCUHK Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2016
Start Date of Conference16/12/2016
End Date of Conference16/12/2016
Place of ConferenceCUHK
Country/Region of ConferenceHong Kong
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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