IEO UGFN Report for 201516
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摘要The IEO programme assessment team collected and analysed data from the Entry/Exit surveys and CUSIS of 2015/16 academic year. This section summaries the most important analysed result of the whole report. This include direct analysis (Level 1) of: Entry and Exit scores of the 17 intended learning outcomes (ILOs) related survey items, students’ demographic and class information, their course engagement and their views on different aspects of the modes of learning. Factor analysis was then employed to analyze the data more in-depth (Level 2). The five ILO-related survey factors, along with students’ academic performance were considered as the six factors for monitoring students’ growth in the course. Comparison on these factors by sex, high school science background, English proficiency and faculty were conducted.
著者The IEO Programme Assessment Team
出版作品名稱IEO UGFN Report for 201516
關鍵詞IEO, Programme Assessment, General Education

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