Does wearable movement detection device promote better exercise compliance?
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AbstractInformation technology (IT) provides efficiency and convenience, however it also reinforces physical inactivity. To provide a remedy the IT industry has designed products that combine mobile apps, websites, and movement detection device for encouraging active lifestyle. Limited studies have examined its’ effectiveness.

Purpose: To examine exercise compliance of a 7-min exercise programme through the provision of combining exercise website, mobile apps and movement detection technologies in Hong Kong School Students.

Method: A total of 185 primary and 178 secondary students were recruited and randomly assigned (by schools & grades) into either an intervention group (n=189) or control group (n=172). The intervention group engaged in a 3-month 7-min moderate intensity interval exercise training (MIIT) program (at least 3 time a week) that incorporated the use of an instructor-led video demonstration website, mobile apps and a wearable movement device (wrist-band); whereas the control group engaged in the same exercise training but without movement detection devices. Major outcome measures were the exercise compliance and health-related fitness before and after intervention.

Results: Two-way repeated measured MANCOVA revealed that, all students regardless of group assignment, improved fitness significantly (p<.05). However, the intervention group indicated higher fitness improvement (p<.05). The intervention group demonstrated higher (P<0.05) exercise compliance (80.53±59.42%) than the control group (65.32±57.20%) CG=,.

Conclusion: With the inclusion of a wearable movement detection devices(e.g. mobile apps + wrist bands) in an exercise training program, exercise compliance and physical fitness could be better improved, and may be considered when planning health and fitness promotion for school students.
All Author(s) ListHU, X., & Hui, S.C.
Name of ConferenceACSM's 64th Annual Meeting & 8th World Congress on Exercise is Medicine
Start Date of Conference29/05/2017
End Date of Conference05/06/2017
Place of ConferenceDenver
Country/Region of ConferenceUnited States of America
Proceedings TitleMedicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
Number in Series1735
Volume Number49
Issue Number5 Supplement
PublisherWolters Kluwer
Place of PublicationUnited States
Pages494 - 494
LanguagesEnglish-United States
Keywordsinformation Technology, Exercise Promotion, Health Promotion.

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