Analysis of the effects of prior knowledge and English proficiency in classics-reading general education courses
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摘要We have studied the relationship between various variables related to the students’ background and their attainments in the two general education foundation courses, UGFN1000 In Dialogue with Nature (UGFN) and UGFH1000 In Dialogue with Humanity (UGFH) in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The study aims at investigating if students lacking either prior knowledge related to the course or English proficiency would be disadvantaged in taking these general education courses. Our study statistically analysed both the data obtained from the Entry and Exit surveys, and objective data such as student’s affiliated faculty, academic grades, high school subjects taken, DSE English grade, mother tongue and their learning environmental conditions. Better understanding of this relationship could lead us to the development of an educational model and assist teachers in delivering their courses in the most suitable way for the different types of students.
著者Kiang Kai Ming
會議名稱2017 Institute on General Education cum Teacher and Student Conference
會議地點The Chinese University of Hong Kong
關鍵詞Programme Assessment, IEO, General Education, Prior Knowledge, English Literacy

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