Using a Grand Strategy Video Game for Studying Needham’s Grand Question in a Course related to the History and Philosophy of Science
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摘要Needham’s Grand Question refers to the question posted by the Historian and Sinologist Joseph Needham - Why modern science had not developed in Chinese civilization or Indian civilization? The study of this question involves one to compare civilizations throughout history on their development on science, technologies, cultures, religions, economics and many other dimensions. This complexity and diversity of background knowledge is a source of difficulties students often found in studying this compulsory science general education course in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, which aims to introduce concepts related to the history and philosophy of science. We believe that this difficulty can be overcome by gamification, which is a new trend in education globally. A popular commercial game called Civilization, a grand strategy video game, has been modified so that it simulates the world history and be used as an educational tool for this course. Via this game, students can gain pleasures in the learning process and be engaged to the Needham’s grand question with the challenges and uncertainties that it provided. Unlike the traditional classroom teaching, this game can also be more visually and interactively presenting the educational content and demand the students to thoroughly think through it. The adaptation of the game was found to be enjoyable and effective in facilitating students to be more engaged in studying this course.
著者KIANG Kai Ming
會議名稱EduTeach 2017 - 2nd Canadian International Conference on Advances in Education, Teaching & Technology 2017
關鍵詞gamification, history of science, philosophy of science, science education

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